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Zeal Clickiez 75g

Zeal Clickiez 75g

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I know we've all been waiting for me to pick up some Zeal switches, they should be exactly in my bag as a popular and expensive switch that people will want to try. My completionist tendencies were getting in the way for a while but I finally caved and got some of his newest stuff in the Reduxes and Clickiez. These 40g Clickiez are definitely some of the most tactile switches you can get stock.

Actuation Force: 58g

Tactile Force: 95g

Bottom Out Force: 75g

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Customer Reviews

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Mahesh Vallath
Crisp and Punchy

The 75g Clickiez are a satisfyingly thocky, meaty switch. I am not 100% sure how much of this impact comes from my own habit of bottoming out on the press, but it was satisfying and there is a consistent intensity to the feel of every successful keypress. It's almost crunchy.