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Uno V4 (USB-C)

Uno V4 (USB-C)

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If you ever wanted a keyboard but not really, the Uno V4 is the kinda-board for you! You have the option to drop in any MX-like switch, a rotary encoder, or even just use it as an infrared device. Those controllers that control your LED light panels? Yeah, those remotes can be programmed to work with this too. 

If you are looking for the USB-A version, click here.

Psst, the components are all interchangeable! That way you can have your switch cake and eat it with a rotary encoder too. 

By the way, all orders will come with a little Uno sweater! These come in a random assortment of colors. Since it is a tiny case for a tiny board, the tolerances can be quite tight. Don't worry about sanding it down as you see fit!


Start Guide:

Follow this link for instructions on how to get started.

For additional support, please contact us through our contact page or through Discord


This creation was brought to us by Snipeye, and we are grateful to be able to share his creation with the rest of you!

From Snipeye himself:

"Our keyboard scientists have spent too many years concerned with whether or not they should create various abominations that they never thought to ask if they could - well, no longer! Rest assured that, according to our best research, we absolutely should not have made this, but we can and therefore did.

With the Uno, I free you all from the tyrannical shackles of even moderate usability! Join with me in one-upping even the snobbiest of stenography-chording keyboard minimalists by reducing the keyboard far beyond any degree of practicality!

Death to ergonomics! Defy the convention of usefulness! Embrace madness and eschew the bourgeois sophistication of aesthetic desirability - no copper weights, no custom plates, not so much as a case!

I invite you to adopt a “keyboard” so monumentally stupid it appeals exclusively to those so disgustingly engrossed in the hobby that all executive function has been replaced with psychopathically-strong opinions regarding clickity-clack noises; people who believe that “thocc” or “endgame” are anything other than unhinged advertising by maddeningly-profiteering snake oil salesmen, thinly veiled as qualities both hypothetically achievable and also worth pursuing. Not only does Uno appeal to such smooth-brained masses, but is indeed designed specifically for them: the only remedy to such madness is adopting a greater madness still - and so Uno is an easy pill to swallow. It requires no soldering, no cables, no compiling firmware, no will to live: if you can play with legos and use a flash drive, you can use Uno.

After reducing the keyboard to the most simplistic and nearly-useless form possible - just a single key - we cast our eyes across the carnage strewn about our workstation and, like God creating the platypus, began to pile things back on: some which belonged, like the rotary encoder, and some (like the venomous spurs on the back legs of male platypi) should never have been: Uno v4 introduces an infrared (IR) demodulator so you can point a remote control at your computer and make it do things - just like the deranged lunatic in you has always secretly lusted after.

Enough prose, what are the pros (and cons)?"



  1. One Button
  2. Button can be replaced with Rotary Encoder
  3. One RGB LED
  4. Runs KMK, easy to reprogram
  5. Portability allows you to introduce strangers to the hobby
  6. No Soldering Required (unless you want the rotary encoder, that requires some soldering)
  7. IR Demodulator so you can interface with most remotes
  8. Can Hang on a Keychain
  9. Based on the RP2040 chip, very fast and capable
  10. Comes in USB-A and USB-C variants
  11. Only $15.
  1. Only One Button
  2. Only has a footprint for One Rotary Encoder
  3. Only One RGB LED
  4. Spending Time Programming Keyboards is not psychologically healthy
  5. Will confirm to your friends or strangers that you are way too into this hobby
  6. Assembly without soldering with not let you inhale the sweet, sweet smell of molten lead
  7. Controlling your computer with a remote control will not fill that void in your life
  8. If you hang this on a keychain you will be unable to make friends
  9. You're not a "True Hacker" (tm) unless you do it with a 555
  10. Does not come in USB-B Variant
  11. Could instead purchase several cheeseburgers"


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