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TTC Flaming Snow (POK Stem)

TTC Flaming Snow (POK Stem)

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With a new proprietary plastic blend, TTC has come out with their Flaming switches, Snow, and Purple. These switches also have a new slightly tapered stem pole mold compared to other TTC switches like Flames which are almost completely rounded.

And this one is supposed to be exclusive to Higround, but it looks like I beat them to it.

POK is a new polymer from Hyosung that is supposed to be more wear resistant than POM, and more impact resistant than Nylon, PBT, or POM. Other than that I will actually link to TTC’s site and absolutely praise them for providing what looks like REAL and USEFUL information, A+ job guys.

Actuation Force: 42g

Bottom Out Force: 50g

Actuation: 1.6mm

Bottom Out: 3.6mm

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