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Summertime BX

Summertime BX

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This is really fun, I love when I get messed up samples and Punkshoo is a serious bro for always hooking me up. So what's BX mean? Well, since these had issues and were largely not released Punkshoo doesn't want to call them V1s and their identifying mark is the letter markings on the stems, these have an B and another letter (X as a variable) compared to the other round of these that also had some issues which is AX. 

Polished milky tops, polished milky bottoms, and polished ink stems make these an otherwise really cool switch when they work. 

Bottom Out Force: 63g

Bottom Out: 3.8mm

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Hear me out...

This is a broken switch, the binding can cause the stem to sometimes not rebound fully, but it also serves as a great example of what binding feels like if you've never experienced it naturally. This mild binding feels like a really odd light weight tactile switch, not actually unpleasant imo just not ideal for linears.