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SO Spring Tester Linear

SO Spring Tester Linear

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In the tester, you get 35 KTT Custard switches, a 5x7 slot Gateron acrylic switch tester (with lid) in smokey black, 35 smokey black XDA profile keycaps, and of course all 35 different springs installed in your switches for you.  

The ONLY spring tester of this scale I've seen anywhere. Some vendors have up to 10 packs of different springs, KBDfans had an interest check for a similar one but they never went forward with the project. Not only did we put this spring tester project together, but we also got ThereminGoat to set up force curves for it all. --Thanks man, we owe you!--

Click the link above to go straight to a folder he kindly set up with all the data he collected, and scroll through the pictures for a few picture collages of the force curves for easier comparison. I have close-ups of each corner of the tester (and overlapping in the middle because 5x7 doesn't divide well by 4) and the last one is a full picture. 

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