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PuNkShoO Melody Factory Errors

PuNkShoO Melody Factory Errors

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Okay, so this is a really fun one, that PuNkShoO literally updated me and the IC only an hour or so ago as of writing the listing. Originally, these were Melody switches that got the wrong leaf installed at the factory from Aflion, and he was waiting for the correct samples to make sure everything was good to go. Since then he has decided he likes them so much, he quickly decided they should be their own switch called Runner. So, these are Melodies with the wrong leaf, or Runners in the wrong color, and with a PC top instead of the Nylon top that will come on stock Runners. Here’s the IC for more background and so you can get in on one or both of these switches if you are interested in them.

70g 2 stage spring, long pole large tactile, and full nylon housings.

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