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Leobog S2 Engine

Leobog S2 Engine

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The 2 should be an exponent or whatever, but I don't know how to do that on here. I've been informed that it is related to Evangelion - not that the original vendor specifies that in any way. [editor's note: I thought this was related to Gundams and I still don't know the difference lol]

Actuation Force: 36g

Actuation: 1.5mm

Bottom Out: 3.8mm

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Jack Verdick
Buy these to collect imo

These are fine linears they're not bad by any definition but also, not amazing sound, not amazing smoothness either, and they don't even look like s2 engines in the anime, those are a blood red sphere and that's it (see pic). check out candling dragons or any of the ttc flame reds if you want that color scheme specifically. I only got this sample because of its name and my obsession to collect eva themed switches.