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Kailh Halo True

Kailh Halo True

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The Halo that makes a panda holy in the original Holy Panda frankenswitch. These were more popular than the Clear version and I'm not sure why because nobody used the unique springs from them anyway. These were definitely some of the heaviest springs in a stock switch when they came out. 

Actuation Force: 54g

Tactile Force: 60g

Bottom Out Force: 100g

Actuation: 1.9mm

Bottom Out: 4.0mm

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Customer Reviews

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Deadeye Dave
Storied significant switch sporting seriously super springs

Might be the most contextually significant MX switch after the original Cherry MX line itself. I actually hoard these springs, and I'll tell you why.

A stock Halo True might be generally preferred for its stem color, with the spring being discarded for feeling heavy and sounding heinous - but give that little guy an oil bath and put it in a linear and you'll have a whole different experience on your hands; a super fast-curve progressive one. Makes the Cream Arc look subtle.

Pairing these springs with linear stems and sticking with the original Halo design intention of *not* bottoming-out while typing, you get a marshmallowy-soft and nearly dead-silent typing experience. Actually bouncy. Underrated next to the recognition enjoyed by its other half for sure.