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Kailh Box Ice Mint

Kailh Box Ice Mint

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Kailh Box Ice Mint - the box switch version of the first Ice Mint from FLCMMK. This one I'm less sure is supposed to be exclusively FLCMMK's, but I don't often see it for sale anywhere else so maybe. Gotta love the rush of full POM box switches. This certainly isn't the last one we have coming. 

Actuation Force: 45g

Actuation: 1.6mm

Bottom Out: 3.6mm

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Customer Reviews

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Deadeye Dave
Cool sample for context and collecting, meh switch

Huge fan of the original Ice Mint - this switch loses everything I liked about it while sporting nothing that makes any the other POM Kailh Box switches stand out. It's not a bad switch per-se, I just don't think it's as good as anything else like it and nowhere near as good as its namesake. Comparing this side-by-side with the Akko Ice Cream switches, ostensibly from the same tooling in the same factory, these have noticeably more friction in the sound and feel. Most similar to the original NK_ Box Cream.