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Infinity Key Mango Milk (POM)

Infinity Key Mango Milk (POM)

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These are some interesting switches. They were mostly sold based on the claims of being the longest stems in a stock switch, and while some vendors list the housings as POM along with the stems, reviews, and screenshots from Infinity Key's page make no mention of this. The manufacturer is also meant to be a secret, and while it still is unconfirmed, I would be very surprised if these weren't made by Tecsee. 

Honestly, I think the memes got in the way of making a coherent switch or marketing it properly. Nobody knows what it's made of, the selling point of the longest stem doesn't matter because they made the pole hole longer. Some vendors are advertising it with 3.69mm of travel, which I assume is just because it's funny since they also advertise them as uwu and kawaii, and out of 5 switches I measured I didn't find one more than .1mm off of 3.3mm.

Bottom Out Force: 63.5

Bottom Out (measured): 3.3mm

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