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Fake and-or Defective Kailh Switches (1 of each)

Fake and-or Defective Kailh Switches (1 of each)

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These switches showed up on Taobao quite a while ago as individual Kailh Burgundy and Purple stems, both of which are linear. They also sold this blue switch fully assembled as a defective Kailh blue stem (it is too wide of a cruciform and does not fit any keycaps). The blue switches could be combined with an order of the individual stems so that you could make a fully functioning switch.

Kailh put out a statement that they have not offered individual stems, so these are possibly fake. They never made a statement about the defective blues so those could be either fake or truly defective.

The blue switch doesn’t fit any keycap because of the messed up stem, the purple and burgundy are both exceptionally scratchy. These are being mostly sold as a novelty/unique item to add to your collection.

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