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Akko Ice Cream Purple

Akko Ice Cream Purple

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Akko wanted to get into the POM Ice Cream switch game, and to expand all the manufacturers they have worked with. So, that brings them up to Huano, KTT, Gateron, TTC, Outemu, and Kailh for a total of 6. 

Actuation Force: 50g

Bottom Out Force: 55g

Actuation: 1.7mm

Bottom Out: 4.0mm

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  • Dustproof
  • Linear


  • Kailh

Customer Reviews

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Deadeye Dave
Impressively slick for a Box

"Cream" and "Ice Cream" are popular names for all-POM switches - names that both sound silky smooth. The switches rarely live-up to the expectation set by their names, but this is one that does.

Shaped identically to an NK_ Box Cream, but has a much better stock performance IMO. Silky smooth, indeed - and enjoying the benefits of the enclosed contact box *and* tapered housing shape - that means no worries about dust or keycap clearance, regardless of mounting direction. These remind me of the Pink Unicorn switches in terms of their plastic feel, but instead of being nearly dry they have good factory lube.