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What is "SO East" and "SO West"?

"SO East" and "SO West" represents our two locations. We have mostly separate inventory, so orders made to both locations require separate packages and shipping fees.

A product's location can be identified by the background of their images. Light gray is SO East, and dark gray is SO West.

Where are you located?

We have two locations! One is in California, and the other in Illinois.

Please note that our inventory are mostly separate from one another. This is why you see a notice about two shipping locations on the catalog page and checkout page.

Why are your switches so expensive?

Our switches are meant to be bought in individual or low quantity amounts, so we price them accordingly for that purpose.

The main reason why we started this store is so that people could try out wide variety of switches. Most stores offer large quantity packs that go for a higher price tag as a result.

What does one unit of a product equal to? (i.e. how many switches are in a pack)

Everything on the store is sold in individual quantities unless otherwise stated such as specific sample packs. We started the store for switch collectors and people who want to try something new without having to buy a full set.

Where can I get more of a specific switch?

Most of the switches we get directly from vendors will have a link back to their store or its product page.

The more obscure stuff that comes from AliExpress and Taobao will often not have a link, and stores and inventories can come and go pretty quickly on these sites. However, feel free to reach out and we would be glad to help you find the switches.