Partner Week

Partner Week

Hello everyone, this is going to be a shorter post for this week but don’t worry there are more articles to come. So why should you read this week’s post if there are no theories? In announcing new partnerships there will be some affiliate codes, as well as new products.


Alright, we will get things started with the wonderful people at Dangkeebs. This is one of the vendors that basically got me into the hobby when I started looking around for KTT switches in early 2021. I have had many orders with them over the past nearly year and a half for interesting switches and have had a great experience with them every time. I also really love their monthly sticker designs. When I reached out asking to work with them in carrying some of their switches as singles/samples Dangkeebs was immediately onboard and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. As a personal KTT shill, I will probably place another order as soon as the next of the KTT Monochrome series comes out.


This week we have a fine selection of KTT and Tecsee switches for you. Need a light tactile that isn’t brown? Did you finish all your Easter candy already and now you are sad? Then try out the KTT Mallo switches. Trying out a bigger and rounder bump but wish it was as minimalistic as the rest of your setup? How about the KTT Onyx? Never tried a switch with a stock UHMWPE stem, especially a tactile switch? The Tecsee Lychees might just be the switch for you. Do you want the part of the switch you won’t see in your board to be clear? BBN linear switches definitely do that. Jokes aside, these switches flip the script to use Nylon tops and PC bottom housings for a different sound and feel from many other switches. While I still haven’t decided if I like that sound, it is different, and I always support trying out something new when it comes to switches. Try them out yourself today. Rounding it out are some solid linear switches (and presumably the tactile ones too once they are back in stock) in the Strawberry Milk series, give them a try and see how good some of Tecsee’s more typical molds/materials are.


Keebhut is a relatively new vendor (okay so they started almost 6 months ago and I just have no concept of time) who started off with a small handful of offerings from Gateron. They are quickly looking to expand that in the future, building off their custom Gateron Blue Bubblegum switch, with its interesting combination of housing materials. Coming next will be their Aflion Tropical Waters switch, which should have Aflion using a lighter application of their factory lube process.


Not only is the owner a pretty cool person I have been able to talk to quite a bit lately, but they are also super on board with providing SwitchOddities with samples of their custom switches going forward. Today we have preproduction samples of the Blue Bubblegum, and soon we should also have some Tropical Waters to sample as well. In addition to this exciting news they set me up with an affiliate link and code “Oddities” to use on their site. Go check them out for 5% off your order and to support me in buying more fun and interesting switches in the future.


Introducing the great and powerful Switch.Riiport/imlr! One of the people who I bounce my many theories off on Discord, and has been very helpful in both research, sending me high-quality pictures of switches I don’t have yet for comparison, and selling me some of those switches when she has spares. I definitely haven’t gotten to nearly 800 switches all on my own. She is also the designer of the SwitchOddities condensed logo (favicon, blog, and Instagram), as well as the draw-er/artist behind the extended logo (top banner) taking my rough napkin doodle and making it look like I run a real business or something.


Switch.Riiport is a great switch documenter over on Instagram, where you can check her out at the link below. With more posts than I can count, and nearly a full 10x the number of followers I have so far Switch.Riiport is one of my favorite influencers (I don’t think she likes being called an influencer).

As a matter of fact, if Switch.Riiport manages to influence you into buying any of my switches then you can click through the link below for 5% off your order and a small kickback to them. Help them fund their own collection and the documentation of more switches.

More exciting news with Switch.Riiport coming soon, so stay tuned.


ThereminGoat needs no further introduction, with the largest collection of individual switches we are aware of, over 1,600 as of the last count, and a substantial blog of his own, his reputation precedes him. I have been selling switches from my random Taobao orders to ThereminGoat for a substantial amount of that I have been collecting, probably about as long as I have bought anything from Taobao. He received the first official invoice from SwitchOddities for an order, just before the website was officially published, and now he will be one of the first to have an affiliate link with me.


And here is the affiliate link for ThereminGoat so that you can support him at the same time you are expanding your own collections. I know grad school is absolute hell so show him some love over the next week or so and maybe he can have enough money for a stiff drink and a couple of shiny new switches by the time he finishes finals week.

That’s All For Now

Hey, I said it would be short. Don’t worry, I already have the next article started which will be going up in two weeks, and some new switches to go along with it. In the mean time, buy some switches and show some love to my new affiliates.

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